Hypocrite: Details or Substance?

Matthew 23:23, 24 Determining the important is essential to everyone! Always there are priorities! Priorities are based on properly grasping what is more important among the numerous importants. Consider. Parents ‘lay the law down’ to a 14 year old: “Under no circumstance are you allowed to drive the car!” The 14 year old arrived home … Read moreHypocrite: Details or Substance?

Hypocrite: Artificial Distinctions

Matthew 23:16-22 Years ago a Christian lady often remarked to fellow Christians, “I would never say that in a church building!” The “that” was rarely something evil. To her, it was just an inappropriate statement [or action] for “inside a church building.” She had a strict spiritual protocol for what was appropriate and inappropriate in … Read moreHypocrite: Artificial Distinctions

Hypocrites: An Obstacle to Others

Matthew 23:13 We need to begin by defining some terms used in today’s text. Consider the word, “Pharisees.” Do not stereotype every Pharisee as being “a person who misrepresented God.” Even Jewish society recognized there were distinctions to be made among the Pharisees. Not all Pharisees held identical views. What was generally true of the … Read moreHypocrites: An Obstacle to Others

“Woe to You, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites!”

Matthew 23 It is important to note that Jesus spoke Matthew 23 during the last week of his life. The Teacher spent much of his ministry appealing to the Pharisees in terms meaningful to their perspective. As Jesus’ death approached, nothing changed in the Pharisees’ perspective. Usually it was the Pharisees who tried to confront … Read more“Woe to You, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites!”

Hypocrisy: A Different Definition

Isaiah 29:13 Matthew 15:7-9 Give the typical definition of a hypocrite. (Please be prepared to share that definition/concept with the class.) Today, typically, a hypocrite is a person who indulges in or practices hypocrisy. To engage in hypocrisy is to engage in pretense. It is a pretending designed to deceive. The person gives the appearance … Read moreHypocrisy: A Different Definition