What do they need to know before they’re baptized?

I believe we often baptize people before they’ve been properly taught. But then again, it’s often hard to determine what a person should know before they are baptized. Since baptism is only the beginning point, it is only necessary those who are baptized have basic understanding of Christian theology, doctrine, & practice. But what exactly … Read moreWhat do they need to know before they’re baptized?

The Curse of Religious Diversity

BY WAYNE JACKSON Jim Minter, a former editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, produced a brief essay (12/1999) that was published in The Atlanta Journal. It was titled, “Which Version Should We Teach?” Mr. Minter, an entertaining writer, commences with a grievance about all of the controversy over prayer in the school. He complained that it … Read moreThe Curse of Religious Diversity

Some Implications of Being Pro ALL Life

I believe human beings are the pinnacle of God’s creation; God’s image-bearers in the world. There is absolutely nothing on the planet more valuable than a single human life. Therefore, I consider myself pro ALL life. I believe all humans ought to be loved, valued, and protected. But that position has several implications. Let’s think … Read moreSome Implications of Being Pro ALL Life

Remembering His Resurrection Annually?

by Richard Thetford The calendar reads “Easter Sunday.” As a result, many people throughout the world will be attending the “church of their choice” to remember the resurrection of Jesus. It won’t be the “normal” service, but rather a “special” service of remembering the resurrection of our Lord that no doubt will include different plays, … Read moreRemembering His Resurrection Annually?