Hypocrisy: A Different Definition

Isaiah 29:13 Matthew 15:7-9 Give the typical definition of a hypocrite. (Please be prepared to share that definition/concept with the class.) Today, typically, a hypocrite is a person who indulges in or practices hypocrisy. To engage in hypocrisy is to engage in pretense. It is a pretending designed to deceive. The person gives the appearance … Read moreHypocrisy: A Different Definition

New Testament minor figures, Priscilla & Aquila

Acts 18:1-3, 24-28 Romans 16:3-5 Whether one says Aquila & Priscilla or Priscilla & Aquila or use the formal name Prisca these two minor figures of the New Testament occupy a prominent place in the life of several Churches in the first century. Apparently, this husband and wife team were part of the Jews forced … Read moreNew Testament minor figures, Priscilla & Aquila