Hypocrisy: Declaring good to be bad

Luke 13:10-17 A major conflict between Jesus and Israel’s leaders focused on his “violation” of Sabbath rules and regulations every devout Israelite was expected to honor. In the Ten Commandments God gave Israel at Sinai [shortly after Israel was delivered from Egypt], God instructed Israel to keep the Sabbath [Saturday] holy. They were to keep … Read moreHypocrisy: Declaring good to be bad

Hypocrisy: Distorted Priorities

Mark 12:13-17 Decade’s ago, in the period of the writer’s early life as minister, he had “imaginary conversations.” Mentally he would place himself in specific circumstances. Usually those circumstances revolved around someone who disagreed with a conclusion he reached or a conviction he held. He would imagine a hostile confrontation with an imaginary antagonist. In … Read moreHypocrisy: Distorted Priorities

Hypocrisy: Wake up! Open your eyes!

Luke 12:54-57 People can be extremely observant and incredibly blind at the same moment! The manner in which humans can be extremely sensitive to their environment and incredible clueless about eternal realities at the same moment can be frustrating in the extreme. All of us can have acute awareness of matters of [at most] limited … Read moreHypocrisy: Wake up! Open your eyes!

Hypocrisy: The horror of the Pharisees’ mistakes

Matthew 23:29-36 Rather than a verse by verse analysis, this lesson seeks to focus attention on a problem of the scribes and Pharisees that deeply offended God. The problem was deeply rooted in Israel’s history and in the scribes and Pharisees’ self-concept. Israel had hundreds of years of history in rebelling against God. Though the … Read moreHypocrisy: The horror of the Pharisees’ mistakes

Hypocrite: Details or Substance?

Matthew 23:23, 24 Determining the important is essential to everyone! Always there are priorities! Priorities are based on properly grasping what is more important among the numerous importants. Consider. Parents ‘lay the law down’ to a 14 year old: “Under no circumstance are you allowed to drive the car!” The 14 year old arrived home … Read moreHypocrite: Details or Substance?

Hypocrite: Artificial Distinctions

Matthew 23:16-22 Years ago a Christian lady often remarked to fellow Christians, “I would never say that in a church building!” The “that” was rarely something evil. To her, it was just an inappropriate statement [or action] for “inside a church building.” She had a strict spiritual protocol for what was appropriate and inappropriate in … Read moreHypocrite: Artificial Distinctions