I am Positive

Joe says to Fred, “your cat is crossed eyed.” Fred looks at his cat eyes and comments, “Are you sure the cat eyes are crossed?” Joe, “I am positive,” “ but everybody says   only a fool is positive,” replies Fred.  “Are you sure,” says Joe. “I am positive,” says Fred. It is hard to be certain in … Read more I am Positive

Hard Heart

Did you know for a large segment of the society we live in, it is easier to believe In creatures from outer space than the God of creation. To some degree, this may be the results of the entertainment and or media       industry and the movies and the like they have produced. Not that they … Read more Hard Heart

What is love?

Google What is love and we will find 627 million possible websites to choose from. It would seem we are awash in something everybody has a different opinion about. I guess the old saying is correct, “ what does opinions and noses have in      common?” answer “everybody has one”. So what is love? I know … Read more What is love?

Ralphie Faith

“You’ll shoot your eye out.” Remember, the movie The Christmas Story. No, not the original, the one with “Ralphie” and the gang. Ralphie, wanted a “Red Ryder” BB gun for his Christmas present. He wanted it so bad that it became the “substance” and “evidence” of his dreams. He dreamed of being able to right … Read more Ralphie Faith

A Caring Church

Watchman— Someone given the responsibility to guard or to warn   others. God had assigned Ezekiel as the watchman to Israel. It was his     responsibility to warn Israel of the      danger to come. Many of the prophets of God were watchman. They foretold the outcome of the actions of the people. In the world today the … Read more A Caring Church